Lighting Your Garden

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Homeowners in the Tyler area are blessed with the soil and the climate to create beautiful yards and gardens, and many do. It seems a shame to lose that beauty once the sun sets, so┬áCatriona Erler examines ways in which we can use lighting to extend the appreciation of our gardens.  

The Peppervine

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Although often mistaken for poison ivy, it isn’t; in fact the peppervine ((Ampelopsis arborea) is related to the grape family. You’ll find it growing along fence rows, climbing trees, perhaps even (surreptitiously) in your garden. Birds and deer spread the seeds, so it is transported from the wild into suburbia. While the berries aren’t poisonous, they contain tiny needles of …

Roadside Roses, A Tyler Tradition

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When I was a kid growing up in Texas, Tyler rose stands were a common sight. I remember seeing them in Austin, Waco, Dallas and Fort Worth. Many wives and girlfriends were gifted with a dozen Tyler roses purchased (for as little as $1) from these stands. Tyler was the “rose capital” of Texas…the soil here was perfect for growing …

East TX Fall Foliage | Poison Ivy

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In the fall, East Texas puts on a show for those of us who love color in our landscapes. I spend a lot of time admiring and photographing the displays, and am always appreciative of the more brilliant arrays. I had an experience with this vine when I was fifteen that left me with a healthy respect, OK, something of …

August Green

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Texas is a land of contrasts, even extremes, and this summer has certainly been that…compared to last summer. Unlike 2011, East Texas has had rain this year, and now in August the hay fields around Tyler are lush. This one, at the northwest corner of Paluxy and Cumberland Road, had been cut recently and caught my eye yesterday afternoon.