Below Lake Palestine Dam

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There is something about water that draws us like bees to honey. How else to explain the people who continue to rebuild their homes along beachfronts after hurricanes? Or along rivers after floods? For the past couple of months I’ve been driving the road below the spillway, showing one of our listings in Frankston. Yesterday I went down to do …

Happy New Year!

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2011 has been an unusually dramatic year in East Texas. It began with not one, but two snowfalls. The second, just before Valentine’s, was spectacular, with 3-4” in our neighborhood, enough for some big snowmen and snowball fights all around us as the kids (classes were canceled) got busy. Many a pool float and trash-can lid was pressed into service …

How Long Will the Drought Last?

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We’ve had several calls recently from folks who have been considering a move to East Texas but are having second thoughts because of the heat wave this past summer and the drought we’ve been experiencing the past two years. One gentleman told me that droughts come in five-year cycles, so he was going to wait on his move to our …

Staying Cool In A Heatwave

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Let’s see, weather forecast for next few days, 102°, 102°, 102°…are you sure this is Tyler? Great time of year to make MORNING appointments, and take a dip in the pool.  

Winter Scenery

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When I look back through my photography archives to “Master Scenics” I see that I have shot and processed hundreds of Spring, Summer, and Fall photos, but only a couple of dozen reside in the Winter folder. So this winter I have set a new goal for myself, and that is to add at least a dozen shots to my …