August Green

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Texas is a land of contrasts, even extremes, and this summer has certainly been that…compared to last summer. Unlike 2011, East Texas has had rain this year, and now in August the hay fields around Tyler are lush. This one, at the northwest corner of Paluxy and Cumberland Road, had been cut recently and caught my eye yesterday afternoon.

Horse Country

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As a kid, I loved Roy Rogers’ palomino, Trigger and the Cisco Kid’s paint, Diablo. East Texas is horse country, and part of the fun in showing farm and ranch properties is  getting to see all the beautiful animals. Thoroughbreds and quarter horses, appaloosas and paints, trotters and walkers, shetlands and miniatures…all of these and many more breeds are on …

Below Lake Palestine Dam

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There is something about water that draws us like bees to honey. How else to explain the people who continue to rebuild their homes along beachfronts after hurricanes? Or along rivers after floods? For the past couple of months I’ve been driving the road below the spillway, showing one of our listings in Frankston. Yesterday I went down to do …

Picnic Weather

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My Grandma Neal loved picnics. She was never happier than when we were all gathered around a meal at a roadside park along an East Texas highway, munching on her cold fried chicken, black-eyed pea salad, cole slaw and cornbread. Come to think of it, we were ALL pretty happy on those picnics! Caroline Ford loves picnics, too, and her …

Texas Symbol Back In Vogue

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The Texas Longhorn has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years. As a kid, I saw them at zoos, now they’re ubiquitous, at least in East Texas. The Marquess-Arrow Ranch, in Ben Wheeler, has some beautiful animals, and I always enjoy driving by when they’re grazing near the fence. I shot this a couple of days ago and had …